Sep 2, 2011

Moving On Up!!

As the new season begins, we are moving to a NEW platform! Our temporary home is:!

Please visit us there for all of our FIRST SATURDAY fun!

xoxo- Glitz

May 3, 2011

Remember when...

I promised to write and it has been THREE months????

I missed the lockout, the lockout lift, the draft and the lockout.

I also missed my favorite USC SENIOR not getting drafted. Fun times?

That's what I thought.

xo- Glitz

Feb 7, 2011


Last week, an AMAZING EBay auction took place. The always amazing Troy Polamalu teamed up with TwitChange.

I decided to support my Arizona Cardinals players participating, and bid on them.

Kurt Warner (@kurt13warner). Kerry Rhodes (@kerryrhodes) & Matt Ware (@mattware22)

I also supported an awesome lady Lisa Horne (@lisahorne) who pretty much does my dream job!

While I lost the majority of the auctions I bid on, I did win Lisa's MEGA auction and Kerry's ReTweet auction.

A BIG shoutout to Matt Ware, who followed me even though I lost his auction with mere seconds left!

All money raised helped an amazing organization called Operation Once in a Lifetime. A big congratulations to Alex Holmes (@trojan81) for all of his work in making great things happen with this project!

While the next TwitChange ambassador might not be a football player, I am excited to participate once more.

Jan 11, 2011

The Top 10 Worst Moments in FB 2010

This list is purely according to me. It doesn't have to make sense to YOU because in my world it works. The order is purely based on what I thought of first.

1. Pete Carroll shocking the 'SC Nation and leaving USC for Seattle.
I was sitting at the bar in North Scottsdale's Sapporro's, and SC broke the news that it was rumored Pete was jumping shift. Surely you are jesting me ESPN. I don't want to believe this shit. Note to any guy who tries to hit on me- if my eyes are glued to ESPN, and I'm not a happy camper- don't bother.

2. The NCCA screwing over USC.
I won't even go there. The heading says it all. Keep this in mind though "lack of institutional control"

3. The NCAA NOT screwing over Ohio State
I love my Ohio State friends. I really do, but this was not cool. How can USC get sanctioned, and be told they had "lack of institutional control" and OSU still gets penalized, but players who are NOT ELIGIBLE get to play in a bowl game?? A bowl game OSU would have lost if those players were not allowed to play.

4. Scam Newton
Auburn AD says Cecil Newton would not be at game. Cecil Newton was on field AFTER the game. Cecil did not get tickets to the game from Auburn. But who did Cecil get field passes from?

5. The Cardinals Cutting Matt Leinart
Sure Matt was a little outspoken, and he had his off-field moments, but give the guy a chance. You let him go, for DA and Max Hall? You play a FOURTH STRING QB at the end of the season???? Come on Arizona. Really?

6. The Arizona Cardinals Season
The curse of the quarterback? I'm not sure what happened here, but I was not born a Cardinals fan. Actually, after Biakabutuka stopped playing in the NFL, I didn't even HAVE an NFL team. The Cardinals drafted ML right after I found out I was moving to AZ. After 9 years in ATL, I couldn't stand the Falcons, so I was happy to live in a state where I could fully support my football team. The first season was brutal, I still cheered them on. I'm rambling. I'll shut up. Point is- this season was disappointing. The Cardinals need to keep Fitzgerald and get an amazeballs QB. No more repeats of this season.

7. USC losing 2 games by less than two points each...back-to-back
Washington. Stanford. The same way. Seriously? It sucked.

8. Brett Favre
He is on here purely because he gives me the heebie jeebies.

9. The NCAA & NFL making up rules as they go
It is kind of mentioned about, but the rules are the rules. You can't let one team (or player) get away with something and then penalize another team (or player) for the same thing. Don't we learn the fairness thing in Kindergarten???

10. The Bowl Boycott
Don't get me wrong. I am BEYOND happy I stuck by USCPSYCHO and a few others to take a stance. But, I wish it didn't happen. Bowl season is supposed to be my HAPPY TIME of year. Hi- football on TV almost EVERY DAY. However, because of many things listed above, I couldn't go through with watching. Plus, it isn't really bowl season unless USC is on the field.

Dec 29, 2010

Glitz' Guy of the Week/Year

Since it is the last Wednesday of 2010, I thought I would honor someone extra special. This individual was chosen after I read an article posted on ESPN Los Angeles' website.

Congrats to an everyday hero, Jake Olson. You truly are inspiring.

Dec 15, 2010

Glitz Guy of the Week

I'm proud of myself. Back to consistent blogging...okay "consistent" but still.

You would think. Heisman. She'll go with Cam. Yeah. No. Never going to happen. They can win the NCS Championship game. He can break every college football record, and it still wouldn't happen. However, in honor of the Cardinals finally winning a game, this week's GOTW is none other that PK Jay Feely.

Thanks for winning the game for the Cards.

Feely played college ball at Michigan which is now a Big 10 "Legend."


Dec 8, 2010

Glitz' Guy of the Week...for real this time ;)

Yeah. Yeah. I know. Excuses. Excuses. Blah. Blah.

Today's Guy of the Week is...well not even human. He is just THAT good.
You may have heard of a little player known as Troy Polamalu, but have you head of Troy's hair?!

Troy's hair is pretty epic, which makes Troy even more epic. That being said, follow Troy's Hair on twitter (@troyshair).

Last year, I mentioned on here that Riley Cooper had the prettiest hair in college football- well now Riley is in the NFL (plays for the Eagles) and he cannot compete with @troyshair. MVH in the NFL (despite Riley's Prince Charming hair) also gets awarded to Troy's hair.

Speaking of hair....check this out :)

Nov 15, 2010

Glitz Guy of the Week

It has been WEEKS since I did a GG of the Week. But, I do have all the ones I had intended to write about on file, so stay tuned!

Also- a BRAND NEW Guy of the Week this Week in his very own post.

USC @ UA: Post-Game

Pictures and Game Review to be posted soon :)

Stay tuned....

Nov 8, 2010

Faith and Football

I feel like I wrote a similar post last year, but I can't help it. Both faith and football are a HUGE part of my life.

So, this year, as Coach Dad and I are doing our weekly picks for our Pick 'Em league and he is baffled as to why I have picked the Steelers EVERY single week. My response is simple. I have FAITH in them. Well, most of them anyway.

It is really simple. I find it counter-productive to pray for the health and safety of a player, and then pick his team to lose. That is just plain silly.

So Coach Dad, there is my REAL reason for picking the Steelers- prayer.

PS: I clearly also ALWAYS pick the Cardinals, because despite the drama, they are my #1 NFL team.